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By DTR 0
Jul 11 2014



1. How did you become a trail runner?

I have always loved the outdoors. December 2012 I started running and found that running the horse trails in my neighborhood, Riverbend Park and JDSP were easier in my legs and more enjoyable then being near cars. My first real trail endurance event was the DTR 10k 2013.

2. What is your favorite trail?

Locally here in Jupiter I enjoy the Florida Trail esp between Riverbend and JDSP.
In NC I enjoy running to the top of Whiteside Mountain in Highlands, NC.

3. What is your favorite trail running gear? (ex: Shoes, Hydration pack, headlamp,socks)

I don’t really have anything I would consider a favorite. I guess my compression socks as they keep my legs from getting cut or bitten when running on overgrown single track.

4. What is your longest distance you have done in a trail?

Longest was 13 miles. Was only suppose to be 10 but had to back track to look for friends who took wrong turn.

5. What do you take with you on your long runs? (ex: gels,fruits, snacks, salt tabs)
I always bring my camel pack when running trails as you never know when a short run will turn into an all day adventure. I keep first aid kit, gus, phone, and maps in it.


author: DTR