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10 Tips For a Successful Night Trail Run

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, one thing we all might have in common is we do most of our training runs, and races, during the day. Unless you’re a super-early bird runner and are used to the morning grind of donning a headlamp and reflectors, you might not yet know the...


The Flatlander’s Guide to Mountain Success

There I was, clawing my way up the biggest incline of my first 50K. My calves and quads burned and screamed as I dug deep, powering myself to the peak. Pretty exciting stuff, right? I suppose I should also reveal that peak in question was an 80-foot hill, and my first 50K had a whopping 5,600 feet o...


Hidden Gems

Most trail runners, aside from being athletes, are explorers at heart. We love the thrill of discovery, and freeing mind and soul in landscapes that, for a moment, feel like they belong solely to us. It’s what drives us to push harder, go further and conquer new ground. But what if you live in...


How To Plan Your 2016 Running Season

How is your 2016 running season shaping up? Whether it’s a casual hobby or a full blown passion, trail running can be an all-consuming endeavor that can easily be planned out for the entire year. So how do you plan it? When planning my 2016 running season, I first and foremost ask myself,...