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A Runner’s Journey from 10 Miler to 100 Miler.

By DTR 0

We created the Full Moon 10 Miler to give runner’s the experience of running through the night only focusing on what their headlamps could see. Little did we know that this race would have such an impact on participants. The Full Moon 10 Miler is what most call, the gateway drug to extreme endurance. Due to the time of year, the course is underwater, which became the highlight of the race.  It’s you, 400 runners, your headlamp and the wildlife sounds of gators, wild hogs, owl, and the beat of your heart pumping as you push through mud, high knee water, winding single track in the Pine Flatwood forest of, Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

Lance Pearce is one of the many runners we know that got the trail bug. There was something magical that happened on the trail that night that sparked a fire in his soul. The high from the adrenaline rush and being one with nature changed his mindset and desire for more. He wanted to push beyond the 10 miles and quickly found himself searching for the next challenge.  Within one year he signed up for the Wild Sebastian 50 Miler, Fort Clinch 1o0 miler and Tahoe 100. No matter what situation came along the race, he never gives up and pushes himself to the finish line. It was no different when we opened up the inaugural, Dunes 100 Miler, he signed up the very last minute. It was something he wanted to accomplish before moving out to Colorado. He had a special bond with the park, where his passion for trail running emerged.

He was doing great, until he had stomach issues and couldn’t take down food for miles. He says, “that was one tough race”, till this day it’s his longest 100 miler time, 28hrs :28mins. He finished some tough courses like Leadman, Tahoe 100, Wasatch 100, Run Rabbit, and has a goal to get Western States 100 entry this year. His biggest fear is getting a DNF and will do anything it takes to finish each challenge he starts.

His journey began with the 10 mile full moon. Where will your journey begin?




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