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Q&A: Oraldo Romualdo Da Silva

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Oraldo Romualdo Da Silva

44 yrs old
Indaiatuba, Brazil

Recent Accomplishments

  • 2013 | Overall Winner Ultra Dos Anjos -Brazil
  • 2014 | Overall Winner and Course Record Time BR135 Solo – Record time: 24:41:30
  • 2015 | 2nd Place Overall Cassino Ultra-  (Longest beach ultra)
  • 2016 | 2nd Place Overall BR135+ Solo


Tell me a little about yourself?
I live and train in Indaiatuba, Brazil
I mostly train in the sand and the rest of my training is in grass and dirt roads in the farmlands of where I live.
I am a very optimistic person even with all the obstacles life put in my path I always fought hard for my dreams. Obligations came early as I had to work to help my family at the age of 8. That is when running started in my life as to get to school on time I had to run, it was about 9km each way. As I said my positive thinking and the will to keep fighting for what I want, brought me to many wins, but mostly it is because I love what I do, so I take it seriously just like you treat anything you love in life. I don’t worry about winning or losing, I know to win is important but what is most important is the respect towards others and being humble without putting anyone down.

What was your first Ultra experience?

My first ultra experience was in 2010 it was a 24 hr race. I signed up as a 2 person relay and we won with a total distance of 236 KM. It was from this point that I got really into running farther and seeing what I could achieve in long distance running. There are many runners I looked up to but one that most resembled my journey is BR135 Champion Adilson Ligerinho who came from a humble background and had many victories in the ultra world.

Did you have support from family/friends?

My dad was my main supporter as everyone else thought I was insane for running that far. Every time he saw a race on TV he would imagine me racing. His last words before he passed away in 2010 was, ” son never stop running.” Those words echo in my thoughts in every race and they have helped me overcome many dark moments in a race. My family still thinks I am nuts but they now understand and have admiration for all my achievements.

How is your daily training?

I work daily but don’t let that get in the way of training. I continue what I did as a kid but now I run from home to work (about 10km each way) and back daily. The day doesn’t end there as I am a dad raising 2 teens. Late at night, I still train more, adding about 180km per week. I prefer to run but some days I hit the gym to focus on muscle strengthening.

What goals do you have in racing?

I have many objectives in my ultra racing career. I want to be known as a great runner. My biggest dream is to travel to other countries to compete with the best ultra runners in the world. My biggest dream is to race in the United States.

What has running brought to your life?

Running is one of the best things that happened in my life. I have met many amazing and talented people that I truly admire and have respect for. Running has kept me healthy and I try to inspire others to run, or to just go out into nature and enjoy the trails. I found my identity in running, I am proud to call myself an ultra runner

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