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DTR Trail Runner Q&A Bonnie Sun Collins

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Bonnie Sun Collins


1. How did you become a trail runner?

My good friend Pepe Lopez talked me into signing up for the DTR 50k in 2013 as my first ultra. I did it and I fell in love with the trails since then. They are so much more fun than running on the road!

2. What is your favorite trail?

Hmm this is a tough one because I haven’t really done a lot of different trails, but as of now, I think that the trails at Red Rock Canyon (just outside of Las Vegas) are my favorite; the scenery was breath taking and very different from what we have here in South Florida.

3. What is your favorite trail running gear? (ex: Shoes, Hydration pack, headlamp,socks)

I always have my Nathan camelback with me when running trails and I sometimes carry a handheld bottle if I know that access to water is reliable. For my feet, are my very important drymax socks and my Hokas; although sometimes I wear the Altra Intuition too. I have not had a major need to carry a headlamp on the trails but I do own a Petzl Tika Plus2 headlamp.

4. What is your longest distance you have done in a trail?

100km at Iron Horse Endurance Races in Feb 2014

5. What do you take with you on your long runs? (ex: gels,fruits, snacks, salt tabs)

I usually have a green smoothie to start my days, whether running is involved or not. Formy long runs I like to carry dates, peanuts, almond butter, some pretzels, and endurolytes.



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