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100% Ec0-Friendly Apparel

Down To Run

DTR is a movement with a “get up and go” attitude, its momentum pushes the boundaries of an organization and makes the changes necessary to move foward, by understanding the necessity of a sustainable planet, reducing our impact on earth while leading us to healthier and positive lifestyle.

DTR is not just a brand, a company, or an event, it’s a life concept with no boundaries of race, age, sex or geographic location. It is not something you put on and take off, it grows inside you as you see all the positive changes trail running brings into your life.
It’s a world wide trend so join us!

Eco-friendly apparel

We are trail runners and we understand the the necessity of a sustainable planet, therefore we use only sustainable materials such as the organic bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester and P.E.T. Less impact on earth and on the body.

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