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Mario Cobo


1. How did you become a trail runner?

I started with a 30k trail race at Halpatiokee park. I LOVED IT and decided to train for my first Ultra DTR 50k at Jonathan Dickinson state Park on April 2013. I fell in love with trail running and ever since is all I want to do.

2. What is your favorite trail?

I love running at JD, I think I know all the trails now, I have gotten lost many times there

3. What is your favorite trail running gear? (ex: Shoes, Hydration pack, headlamp,socks)

I am running now on Brooks Glycerin but moving to Inov 8 but I am trying to move to more minimalistic shoes. I am getting a pair of Luna Sandals and after every run I am doing few hundred yards barefoot.  I really want to do more natural running but I have to start slowly. I just run with camelback handheld water bottle. I tried the vest but was too awkward. I just got the Ultraspire Impulse belt with two bottles on the back and I am excited to try it. I used to run with the Fuel Belt when I was running years ago and was fine. it did not bother me. This was I can actually carry more stuff and go longer. I haven’t run much at night but when I do I have a cheap Coleman headlamp I bought at Walmart and has been just fine. I run with it at Sebastian, Long Haul and I just crew Will Glover at the  Keys 100 and run with him through the night and it was great.

4. What is your longest distance you have done in a trail?

Longest trail race was at Long Haul 100k. I almost died! was not just the distance and the pain but have never been so cold in my life.  I made every mistake on the book. I finished though! I learn something every race.

5. What do you take with you on your long runs? (ex: gels,fruits, snacks, salt tabs)
I love the squares and don’t really like GU but still take them with me on long runs.  Salt pills as well.

6.What advice would you give a beginner?
There is no better advice than simply enjoy the run. when I was running in the past it was all about “time” then I think I matured and starting to enjoy what I was doing and even though I may improve getting faster or stronger I don’t get caught up in the time.
I actually look around and see the scenery. I am thankful to God for my health and the blessing of being able to get out and move.
b) make sure to make friends on your races, the running community is full of such wonderful people. Don’t just go race and go home.  stay and socialize, there also you will be able to gain knowledge about running, nutrition or whatever. c)  Make it a family affair, I have starting to run with my boy Isaac (10) and it has become our time; what better opportunity to bond. We are doing an activity together and exercising at the same time! We are actually training for the DTR Full Moon coming up.Lastly of course eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty and if you are doing a longer race walk before you are tired since you are working different muscles. Listen to your body and don’t try to be a hero.  See you on the trails!

author: DTR