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DTR Trail Runner Q&A Ramon Barreiro-Soto

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Ramon Barreiro-Soto


1. How did you become a trail runner?

Well I’ve always loved exploring the trail. I have memories as a kid with my friend Mike running the trails… Exploring and trying to find new places, I think it is instinctive , we just lose the focus as we get older. Just in the last few years I’ve reignited that passion I’ve always had.

2. What is your favorite trail?

The trail I run the most is Jonathan Dickinson State Park, but I have to say I really enjoyed pine mountain Georgia and put it in my top trail experiences

3. What is your favorite trail running gear? (ex: Shoes, Hydration pack, headlamp,socks)

I always use calf sleeves (started using these originally to reduce the scrapes) favorite running shoe currently is the new balance 890V4, I prefer a light weight neutral shoe . I always wear a hydration pack ,my salomon is my favorite… Although I have a Ultimate Direction pack on the way and am excited to try it out . Current sock of choice are Features , they’re a nice fitted thin sock that wicks moisture nicely.

4. What is your longest distance you have done in a trail?

100 mile is the longest race I’ve done on trail , Lost 118 ( 118 miles) is my longest over all distance.

5. What do you take with you on your long runs? (ex: gels,fruits, snacks, salt tabs)

mostly granola bars like Kind bars and things like that …


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