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Path To Freedom

By DTR 0

What is Freedom?

I would describe it as doing what you love, without limitation of time or discrimination from others.

Our path to freedom is now in the hands of the media , guiding us toward human beings of self-indulgence. The more we value what we consume and judge people on what someone has versus what they have accomplished, this is only creating a huge wall in the true path to freedom.This wall has gotten so big that most will spend their entire life trying to climb over.
My Generation when they wake up and realize most will be overwhelmed by the size of the wall in front of them.Don’t get discouraged. I believe it is quite simple to resolve.

Let’s Find A NEW PATH.
One that instead of building walls, we build bridges that will connect us back to a true Divine Human Being.

Happy 2013!! Do what you Love!!!

author: DTR


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